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Top interior design Trends for Summer of 2018

We will work with you to implement the latest design trends from around the world.

April showers hopefully will bring some May flowers. But the real question for those in the interior design world is what are the hottest trends for the Summer of 2018. Well luckily for you, the team at Build It by Design has gathered our seasoned experts to help you ensure your home is looking its best during patio season.
As for patterns, the Summer of 2018 might be the season of mandalas. These stunning Buddhist patterns have been making their way into top designer shops for clothing for the last few years, and they are not becoming more and more common in design shops across the country. Hang them on your wall, accessorize your couch or even utilise a bright floor piece to bring a room together.
Let us start with one of the most basics, and that is what colours are in this Summer. Sage is certainly a top trendsetter this year, and it seems to have been chosen as the defacto neutral colour for bedrooms. If you are looking for something stunning, make sure to utilise a black accent, and maybe even try out a half and half painting technique to make your room pop.

Teal is an often a misunderstood colour, but for the Summer of 2018, it is certainly in. If your room or outdoor patio set is a dark grey, black or even wicker, a teal throw or a teal pillow will help counter the neutral colour. Plus, with an assortment of teal accessories, any room can feel like Summer with a few quick changes!
An accessory is a quick and easy way to transition a room from an Easter or Spring motif to Summer in an instance. This summer will be about the greenery, throw pillows and twinkle lights.

We all love a little bit of greenery in our life, and the Summer is a perfect season to showcase your green thumb. If you like a challenge growing and taking care an orchid or a bonsai is a great way to show off to your friends that you know what you are doing. If you are a bit of a black thumb, a cactus or a money tree is a perfect way to pop some green in your space without the hassle of taking care of it every week.

Throw Pillows are a simple but effective way to have some fun with your couch or day beds. You can change up the colours, the shape and texture and allow your space to be personalised. Utilise some of the top colours of the season and help your space really pop.

When it comes to lighting up space, the classic twinkle light is the lighting accessory of Summer 2018. These easy to set up lights make even the most basic room a little more special and will help accent certain characteristics. Use them on a windowsill or across the roof to bring some outdoor living indoors where you can enjoy them without the bugs!

From great patterns to bright colours and amazing accessories, the Summer of 2018 is primed to make a splash on your interior design motifs. Make sure to take some risks, and your house will become the talk of the town for Summer 2018.


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